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Major’s Hill Park

Major’s Hill Park

Escape to defining cities and natural wonders on this tour of Eastern Canada. Visit Niagara Falls to witness the stunning waterfalls from close up and take in Toronto’s dazzling CN Tower and lively cosmopolitan center.

Grand Trunk President James Hays hired Montreal-based architects to design the luxurious hotel that would become known as the Chateau Laurier. It would open just a few years before Hays was tragically killed on the Titanic. Read on to learn more.

The Chateau Laurier

The Chateau Laurier is a landmark Canadian hotel, and Canada Day in Ottawa celebrates this unique property with festivities. Visitors can experience an acrobatic cowboy comedy show and lasso workshop; discover fossil treasures in the Badlands display; try Jumpai, an extreme entertainment attraction that combines bungee jumping and trampoline fun; or learn to cook a traditional Lebanese dish.

The luxury hotel was the brainchild of Charles Melville Hays, who ascended to leadership at the Grand Trunk Railway Company (unlike earlier management) with a vision of beautifying railway stations and deluxe hotels in major cities. This was an approach that rival company Canadian Pacific had used successfully to build the opulent Château Lake Louise and Chateau Frontenac in Alberta and Quebec City respectively.

Seize the day in Toronto, a lively and cosmopolitan center that rivals New York for diversity and charm. Visit the lovely Royal Botanical Gardens and towering CN Tower, and discover neighborhoods including Old Town, the University of Toronto, Little Italy, and more.

Parliament Hill

Minister of Canadian Heritage Liza Frulla and National Capital Commission (NCC) Chairman Marcel Beaudry have extended an invitation to all Canadians to celebrate the nation’s 138th birthday across the country and in Canada’s National Capital Region on July 1st. This year, the NCC will feature a broad range of free entertainment on Parliament Hill.

The NCC will host a new official site called Canada and the World Pavilion – A Symphony of Cultures, where people can discover the variety of Canada’s cultures by participating in music and dance workshops. From the pulsating rhythm of Bhangra and Urdu to the unique sound of Rocco Del Sud’s blend of Italian melody with Latin beats, the site will offer visitors a colorful array of dance styles from around the world.

The NCC will also be offering guided tours of the Parliament Building in English and French on that day. These tours will start at the Hill Centre -90 Wellington Street. A must-see place!

The Rideau Canal

The Ottawa River flows through this city, which is home to Canada’s key government institutions. The river is an important transportation artery and provides the opportunity for scenic tours.

The city’s architecture is influenced by the government institutions, which lend themselves to a practical style of buildings. However, Ottawa also has examples of Romantic and Picturesque styles.

It is a cosmopolitan city with many ethnic groups, including immigrants from France, India, the Philippines, and the United States. Its political culture is characterized by a two-party system, with the Liberal Party in the majority.

The capital is home to 130 embassies, and it has a wide range of entertainment venues. The city’s nightlife includes a thriving jazz scene and numerous bars. The National Arts Centre hosts an annual festival celebrating francophone music. An acrobatic cowboy comedy show and a lumberjack workshop are other attractions. Memorials to Canadian war veterans are popular. In response to increasing demand, planners have applied tools traditionally used to rationally allocate other scarce resources to memorials.

The Ottawa River

The Ottawa River runs right through the heart of downtown and provides a scenic backdrop for many of the city’s attractions. There are numerous parks and pathways along the river, as well as a variety of events and activities that take advantage of the natural beauty.

Visitors can experience the Badlands, a geographic area with unique formations and sand sculptures; try their hand at a lumberjack show or lasso workshop; or visit Jumpai for a chance to bungee or trampoline. The evening shows include a Rhythm Explosion with Josh, an eclectic group featuring music inspired by Bhangra and Urdu; Rocco Del Sud with a dance sound that blends Italian melody and rhythm; and Andre Ibrahim and the Stars of Lebanon Band blending popular sounds with Lebanese heritage and traditions.

The NCC has released a draft of its Capital Parks Plan and seven appendices on its website. The plan is intended to guide the future use of NCC urban lands. The plan includes urban green and blue areas; capital parks and shorelines (along the Ottawa, Gatineau, and Rideau Rivers and the Ottawa Canal plus some creek areas); Parkway and Pathway networks; employment sectors and other federal facilities; cultural and historical institutions; and other NCC lands with no established uses related to capital functions. Click here for the next blog post.



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