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Interior paints:

Interior Paints are paints used in the interior of the building, in areas such as rooms, hallways, offices, bathrooms and kitchens. The most basic features of paints used in interior walls are that they have good coverage, do not contain harmful substances to human health and provide an aesthetic appearance. Features such as dirt-repellent, gloss, and being cleanable may also be among those expected from interior paint, depending on the needs of the user.

We only use LOW VOC interior paints.

While interior paints used to be solvent-based in the past, water-based products have been used today. Because the solvent emits many gases harmful to human health during and after application. In water-based paints, since the carrier phase is water, the water inside evaporates while the paint dries, so it does not cause any harmful effect on human health.

Exterior paints:

Exterior paints can also be water-based. Besides, acrylic-based, silicone and grained paints could be among the options as well. Silicone paints have the effect of repelling dirt and thus they hold less dirt than acrylic paints. Grainy paints create a textured image due to the ingredients. Unlike interior paints, exterior paints require professional craftsmanship. However, you can paint the small parts of the house such as the balcony by yourself as it will see relatively less rain. In the painting process, the same rule applies as for the interior application. In other words, the application surface should be prepared properly and the application should be made in accordance with the paint usage instructions.

Exterior paints can also be sprayed onto surfaces with sprayers such as a 490 Graco or Titan branded machines.

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