Commissioners Park

Commissioners Park 

Commissioners Park is a beautiful park located beside Dow’s Lake. It is renowned for its annual Tulip Festival held each May. It is also home to a statue that commemorates Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet of the Netherlands for her role in liberating the Dutch during World War II. Read on to know more.

There are many things to see and do at the park. Here are some of them:

It’s a Tulip Park

As the official site of the Canadian Tulip Festival, Commissioners Park features Ottawa’s most dazzling display. This massive garden stretches over 8.95 hectares and is filled with tulips in an array of colors, shapes, and arrangements. Walk around the multicolored garden beds to get that perfect Instagram picture; learn more about the history of tulips in Canada at the heritage display (including a replica of Princess Juliana’s gift bed); check out the Tulip Boutique for gifts and flowers; or head over after dark for Tulips at Night, featuring a cool blacklight boardwalk and lit garden beds.

Parking can be challenging at times, so try to take the bus or ride your bike if possible. If you have a vehicle, there is a large lot across from Dow’s Lake, though it fills up quickly. Taxis and Uber are also available in the area. For more information on the festival, visit the official website.

It’s a Great Place for a Picnic

During the spring, this is one of the best places to grab a blanket and some lunch and spend some time on the beach or relaxing among the flowers. The gardens are filled with tulips that bloom for a month and are gorgeous to look at.

In the summer, this park is full of families and picnickers, kayakers on Dow’s Lake, and people enjoying a day on the water or playing on the beach. There’s a big beach, washrooms, snack bars, a bike repair shop, and plenty of free parking.

This park in the Rockcliffe neighborhood is a hidden gem. It faces the Ottawa River with stunning views of the city and Gatineau. It has two large ponds where Canadian geese gather to rest with their goslings, a stage for outdoor performances, and a separate playground for kids. Dogs on leash are welcome. It’s open from May to mid-October. The Capital Pathway and the SJAM winter trail pass through here, so it’s also a great place to come for your daily workout. Check it out here.

It’s a Great Place for a Family Outing

A day at the zoo may seem like a standard family outing, but there are so many fun ways to add an element of surprise. Create a scavenger hunt or an animal alphabet game to keep everyone engaged and entertained.

Turn a local festival or event into a family competition by creating teams and competing to see who can finish first. Try this at a local farmer’s market where each team is given an assigned list of ingredients to find. Then, see who can put together the most creative and interesting meal.

Make sure to include Commissioners Park Ottawa ON on your itinerary when planning a family vacation to the area. This beautiful park by Dows Lake is renowned for its tulips, which bloom throughout the spring and summer. It’s also a great place for a picnic or to walk around with your loved ones and enjoy the views. It’s free to visit and is the perfect way to fill up some natural beauty during your holiday.

It’s a Great Place for a Bike Ride

This picturesque park features a bike path that winds alongside Dow’s Lake. It’s especially beautiful in the spring when tulips bloom in gardens that can reach 300,000. The National Capital Commission maintains the park throughout the summer, and visitors can take advantage of the quiet atmosphere and beautiful views.

This city in the northeastern part of the country has embraced bikes so much that it offers free rentals from a network of locations, as well as guided tours. The bike-sharing service Nextbike makes it even easier to explore the area’s collegiate vibe, top-notch restaurants, and casual bars.

This paved route is popular with commuters and locals alike, so expect to share the path with other cyclists, runners, joggers, and strollers. It is best ridden in the morning or afternoon when it’s not so busy. During the weekend, the lower loop can get crowded with tourists and other runners. The north path is built for biking, so you’ll be able to keep up with the crowds without feeling cramped. Next blog post.



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