Strathcona Park

Strathcona Park Ottawa ON

Located in the heart of the city, this park is home to a lot of things to see and do. It’s surrounded by Embassies, which were once the homes of the elite.

The most notable feature of the park is the Lord Strathcona Fountain, which was donated to the city in 1909. In this episode, we hear from Odyssey Theatre cast members about what they love about performing in the beautiful Strathcona Park. Read this first!


The embassy neighborhood of Strathcona Park is home to numerous foreign embassies. These buildings sometimes serve as a chancery (the administrative headquarters of a foreign mission) but more often they are ambassadorial residences, where an ambassador or high commissioner lives. Occasionally the same building serves both purposes.

The large fountain located in the middle of the park was a gift from Lord Strathcona in 1909. The sculptural features on it include cherubs, sea shells, and the Coat of Arms of the donor. The garden abutting the park is named after the donor as well.

It is a place for people to come with loved ones or alone and reflect on a caregiver in their lives. The garden is also a place for people to gather with friends or family and to enjoy the beauty of the park. It is a beautiful place to be in the summertime.

The Fountain

The fountain located in Strathcona Park Ottawa ON is one of the most impressive in the city. It is made up of architectural pieces from the area, including stones from the Institut Jeanne-d’Arc, the convent on Sussex Drive, and bits of the Royal Canadian Mint and Chateau Laurier Hotel.

The sculpted fountain was donated by Lord Strathcona in 1909. It stands near the entrance to the park on Laurier Avenue, and its four standing figures represent the continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, and America), which was a popular artistic allegory until the 19th Century.

A large pond and gazebos are in the park, which is also home to Odyssey Theatre. It presents open-air productions of classic plays, as well as a variety of other theatrical styles. The theater has a rich history in downtown Ottawa, and its productions are popular with locals. The park is also used as a picnic spot in the summer. Its large hill at the northern end of the park is popular for tobogganing in winter.

Park History

The park began as a Dominion Rifle Range in the early 20th century, before it was turned into a park by the Ottawa Improvement Commission, the forerunner to today’s National Capital Commission. The park has a number of popular attractions including the Fleck/Paterson House, Embassies, and a fountain called Lord Strathcona Fountain which was sculpted by Mathurin Moreau in 1909. The four standing figures represent Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

One of the most distinctive buildings in the park is the Strathcona Apartments, built in 1927 and designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. It features massive fluted Doric columns, an elegant pediment, and dressed stone coursing. The building is a landmark in the desirable Sandy Hill neighborhood and has been home to famous past residents, such as John Diefenbaker and Tommy Douglas.

The park is also home to Odyssey Theatre, which puts on a series of open-air plays each summer. In this episode, we sit down with some of the actors to find out what they love most about working in the park. Browse around this site.

Park Attractions

There are a number of attractions at Strathcona Park. One of the most prominent is a large fountain on top of a hill, which was donated by Lord Strathcona in 1909. The fountain has four upright figures representing Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, symbolizing the world’s major continents.

The park is also home to the Fleck/Paterson House. It is a historic residence that was once owned by the prominent art collectors and their family. The house features a stunning entrance courtyard and a Dutch gable.

Embassies surround the park, which makes it popular for picnicking in the summer. During the winter, it is a great spot for tobogganing. It is also home to Odyssey Theatre, which offers open-air performances of classical plays. This is a must-see for any visitors to the city of Ottawa.

Park Activities

If you are looking for fun and recreational activities, the park has a lot to offer. Whether you’re interested in swimming, playing sports, or just relaxing with friends and family, the park has something for everyone. Make sure to observe all posted rules and safety guidelines, especially those related to swimming.

The park is home to the Odyssey Theatre, which hosts open-air shows during summer. Guests can enjoy plays inspired by the Italian commedia dell’arte and other international styles of theatre.

Embassies are located around the park, which gives it a distinct feel. It is also a popular spot for tobogganing in winter.

Park Weather

Visiting Strathcona Park can be a wonderful experience if you are mindful of the following etiquette guidelines:

Be kind to other visitors. Respect the plants and wildlife of the park, and avoid climbing or damaging trees. Keep your pets on a leash at all times and pick up any litter you see.

The park hosts a variety of recreational activities for everyone. Its sizable soccer fields allow players of all skill levels to practice and improve their game. There are also baseball and softball diamonds that accommodate friendly matches and league play.

Moreover, you can watch plays by Odyssey Theatre in the summer and enjoy the beauty of Dow’s Lake when it’s frozen. There are also several lookouts in the park where you can take in the stunning views of the city. Check Out This Info.



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