Hiring Residential Painting Contractors

Residential painting contractors are the professionals who specialize in painting interior and exterior walls. They have a specialized knowledge of choosing the right paint for a project and can add details like texturing or borders to any wall.


Paint has a hard time adhering to surfaces that are not properly cleaned, sanded and primed beforehand. A full-service painting contractor will understand this and will take care of any additional prep work for their clients. This may include power washing, removing wallpaper and/or patching drywall prior to painting.

Paints also come in a variety of sheens or finishes, including flat or matte, eggshell, satin and semi-gloss. A higher sheen is more durable and easier to keep clean, but it can also cost significantly more. A full-service residential painting contractor will understand the difference and help their client select the best options. They should also include the price of any touch-up paint that might be needed after the job is done.

Residential Painting Contractors
Residential Painting Contractors


Professional painting services can significantly improve the appearance of your home. A well-done job will also increase the resale value of your property. However, it is important to find a painting contractor who has a good reputation and can provide the right results. A bad paint job can devalue your home and make it harder to sell.

Unlike commercial painting contractors, residential painters focus solely on residential properties. In addition, they use tools that aren’t too different from the ones you would purchase if you were trying to DIY your own project. This includes paintbrushes, rollers, step ladders and painting trays. In addition, they often have a more flexible schedule than commercial painting companies.


When hiring a residential painting contractor, make sure to ask about additional fees. These can include paint materials, cleanup, and labor. In addition, you should check whether the contractor will provide all necessary equipment and tools. If not, you should purchase the items yourself to save money.

It’s a good idea to remove all furniture and decorations from the area to be painted before the painters arrive. This will help reduce the cost of labor by allowing the painters to get to the areas they need to work on. You should also remove any electrical plates and switches, unless you plan on replacing them.

Experienced painting contractors have the skills to do high-quality work and complete the project on time. They can even handle more difficult projects, such as ceilings that require a ladder. They should also be familiar with a variety of painting techniques and colors. This way, they can provide you with a variety of options that match your style and preferences.

Residential Painting Contractors
Residential Painting Contractors


When hiring a residential painting contractor, it is important to ensure they are insured. This is because if something goes wrong during a project, you could be at risk for medical bills or attorney fees. Also, some clients may require that a painting company be insured before they work on their home.

The best way to determine if a painting company is insured is by asking for proof of insurance. This will usually include the company’s business insurance policy and workers’ compensation policy. It is also a good idea to request the names of the insurers and their contact information.

Painting companies typically have a general liability policy that covers bodily injury and property damage caused by the company. In addition, they have commercial property insurance that covers losses due to fires, theft, and other perils. The cost of these policies varies by location and size of the business. Typically, it is less expensive to buy a bundled business owner’s policy that includes all these coverages.

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