Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Do Your Exterior House Painting

A good quality paint job can increase your home’s curb appeal, which can ultimately increase the value of your house. It can also help prevent rotting or insect infestation. Exterior house painting is not a small project and can take days or even weeks for the average person to complete. Hiring a professional  can save you time and money on this big project.

1. They Have the Right Equipment

Many people think painting the exterior of their home will only require a few cans of paint and some brushes or rollers, but that isn’t true. Purchasing or renting the equipment needed for this project, such as ladders, scaffolding and a paint sprayer, can quickly add up and blow your budget. Professional painters already have this equipment so they can complete the job more quickly and effectively, saving you money.

Choosing the right color for your home’s exterior can make or break its curb appeal. Professional painters work daily with different colors and types of paint, so they know what colors will complement your house and will hold up to the elements.

Exterior House Painting
Exterior House Painting

A professional can save you time and effort so you can focus on other projects around the house. They can also help you increase your home’s curb appeal, which may lead to an increased resale value in the future.

2. They Have Experience

Unless you have experience painting the exterior of your house, a DIY project is a recipe for disaster. Professionals have years of experience in home painting and understand what it takes to deliver high-quality results.

Unlike repainting your kid’s bedroom, painting the outside of your house requires more than just paint and brushes. You’ll need ladders, a pressure washer, sprayers, scaffolding, drop cloths and other equipment that you probably don’t have lying around your garage or work shed.

The job also requires thorough inspections and some repair work to ensure your walls are sound before you apply the paint. The experienced contractors can save you a lot of headaches by fixing issues before you even consider painting your wall. They also know how to work around intrusive landscaping without damaging plants that would be costly to replace. They can also give you color suggestions based on their years of experience. Lastly, they know the best way to prep surfaces so that your paint will last longer.

3. They Have Insurance

When you hire a professional to repaint your home’s exterior you can trust that the job will be done right. They will take the time to meet with you, walk around your house and note any areas that need extra attention. They’ll discuss the expected paint costs, the labor cost and any other details that may impact your project.

It’s also important to make sure that any professional you choose has insurance. This will ensure that if they cause any damage to your property during the painting process you won’t have to pay for repairs out of pocket.

Exterior House Painting
Exterior House Painting

It’s also worth mentioning that exterior house painting can be a safety hazard for those who lack the proper experience and equipment. There is no amount of money saved by DIY painting that is worth the potential risk to your health and well-being. A professional will carry liability insurance that covers the cost of treatment for any injuries or damages that occur during your project.

4. They Have the Right Equipment

Most people don’t have high-quality brushes, paint sprayers and scaffolding lying around the house. This is where hiring a contractor comes in handy. They bring all the equipment needed to get the job done right. It would cost homeowners a lot of money to purchase and learn how to use these tools, whereas painting contractors already have them on hand.

They also know which kind of paint to use and what the weather will be like. This will affect the way in which the paint will look and how long it will last, making the contractor’s expertise invaluable.

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