Hog’s Back Park

Hog’s Back Park

Hog’s Back Park Ottawa ON is a beautiful park located where the Rideau River and Rideau Canal split before entering Ottawa. It is home to the scenic Hog’s Back Falls, officially known as Prince of Wales Falls. These are artificial waterfalls constructed by Colonel John By during the construction of the Rideau Canal in the 19th century. Learn more by clicking here.

It is a great place for picnics

Overlooking the Hog’s Back Falls on the Rideau River, this scenic park is an intriguing combination of history and nature. Its story is intertwined with the construction of the Rideau Canal, and you can find a variety of historic artifacts and a heritage pavilion here. It is also home to the Ottawa Folk Festival, a five-day celebration of music and dance.

Located along the Rideau Canal, this tranquil spot offers plenty of picnic spots under sweeping trees. It is a great place to escape the jarring noises of the city and enjoy a peaceful afternoon outside. It’s perfect for a romantic lunch with someone special, or an informal family gathering. Pair it with a classic picnic basket from Pot & Pantry on Elgin Street. You can also check out their delicious pastries!

It is a great place for walking

Hog’s Back Park is a beautiful, quiet park beside the Rideau River. It has several different paths and is a great place to take pictures. It is also a popular spot for picnics and has a concession stand. The park is located in the charming neighborhood of Britannia, which was once home to summer villas for Ottawa residents in the 19th century.

The park’s buildings are a beautiful mix of history and nature. The building rehabilitation project was guided by the standards and guidelines for the conservation of historic places in Canada. Edward J. Cuhaci and Associates Architects Inc. was proud to be involved in the rehabilitation of these admirable buildings.

The park has a unique landscape with a variety of evergreen trees and beautiful views of the river. It is a good place to stroll and listen to the soothing sounds of the water and wildlife. There is plenty of parking and easy-to-manoeuvre pathways. This unique place is a must-see!

It is a great place for jogging

Hog’s Back Park is an urban nature park with a dam, waterfall, and trails. This scenic area is also ideal for picnics and is a popular spot for kayaking by adventurous water sports enthusiasts. This is a great place to bring the family and relax during sunny afternoons.

While walking through the park, one can enjoy the natural beauty of the Rideau River and take amazing pictures with nature in the background. The area is a popular destination for joggers and walkers.

The park is also a good place to learn about Ottawa’s rich history. The park overlooks the spectacular Hog’s Back Falls on the Rideau River and is surrounded by historical displays. The site was the location of one of the most challenging dam-building projects of the Rideau Canal. The park also features a historic pavilion. In the summer, this location is a popular picnicking and swimming spot. In winter, the park is a great place for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

It is a great place for biking

Hog’s Back Park is an excellent place to take a walk or bike ride. It is quiet, and peaceful and offers great views of the falls and the river. It is also a good location for picnics or family outings. The park is well maintained with lots of open space and trails.

The park has a rich history and is home to some of Ottawa’s most spectacular natural features. It was the site of the construction of the Rideau Canal in the 19th Century and has a number of historic artifacts and a heritage pavilion. The park is also the location of the Ottawa Folk Festival, an annual five-day celebration of music, dance, and community.

The park is home to several buildings including the washroom and refreshment stand, designed by Ottawa’s James Watson Balharrie of the firm of Abra & Balharrie. These buildings are an excellent example of Ottawa’s “Festive Architecture” of the 1950s, which sought to inspire hope and optimism following World War II and promote good, modernist design. Find out more!



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